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Amanco (Associate Manufacturing Company)


Keith's Associated Engine Site - Excellent pages of pictures, dating info, and technical information on Amanco engines

Amanco engines were made by the Associated Manufacturing Company of Iowa in the USA . These engines were imported in large numbers between 1911 and 1930. The depression period made the importation uneconomic after 1930. In later years a few engines were made in England under license.

The Amanco name is peculiar to the UK engines only and is a contraction of the Associated Manufacturing Company’s name. On the other side of the ‘pond’ these engines were known either by their full name or it was shortened to ‘Associated’.

Engine power outputs ranged from 1 ½ HP to 18 HP although there were not many of the higher-powered units imported into the U.K. Each of the engine types was identified by a name that described its power output:

1 ½ HP = Johnny Boy

1 ¾ HP = Chore Boy

2 ¼ HP = Hired Hand

2 ½ HP = Hired Man (Oversize)

3 HP = Three Mule Team

4 HP = Four Mule Team

And so on up to:

18 HP = Eighteen Mule Teem

The major attraction of these engines to buyers in the U.K was the price, a 1 ½ HP Chore Boy could be bought for £25 delivered. A comparable British engine (say a Ruston Hornsby) would have cost in the region of £52!

The engines are very simple and were designed such that even people who were not particularly mechanically savvy could carry out repairs. The design is based on engines from the very early 1900’s with an economical and ‘no-frills’ approach. They are however, easy to start and very reliable.

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