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Stationary Engines



This web site is primarily dedicated to Stationary Engines (although a few additional aspects of my hobbies will undoubtedly creep in as time goes by - Model Engineering, Machine tools and anything related to oily/rusty metal).

It has been set up primarily for the purpose of sharing pictures and information with other enthusiasts and, as time and patience permits, is being developed into what will hopefully become a useful reference source. Some of the reference data is from my own research, others will be links to other web sites as there is some excellent information out there.

For an excellent source of Stationary Engine related discussion with some very friendly and knowledgeable people, I can thoroughly recommend the 'uk.rec.engines.stationary' newsgroup.

If (when) you find errors or omissions, or have other information you think should be included I would be pleased to hear from you, you can contact me at:




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A Petter M Handyman 1.5 HP driving one of those agricultural thingy's. The owner, Simon Jennings has kindly informed me that it is a Lister Oat Crushing mill.

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